Applying telemedicine technologies in a novel model of organizing and implementing comprehensieve cardiac rehabilitation in heart failure patients - TELEREH-HF study.

About the project

Hybrid comprehensive TELEREHabilitation in Heart Failure - TELEREH-HF study is co-financed by National Center for Research and Development in the Strategic Program Prevension and Therapy of Civilization-Related Diseases – STRATEGMED.
Project TELEREH-HF is conducted by Polish interdisciplinary Consortium: Telecardiology Center, Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw – Leader of the Project,
Silesian Center for Heart Diseases Zabrze, Medical University of Gdańsk, Medical University of Łódź, Medical University of Warsaw, Pro-PLUS SA, Warsaw.

The study is designed as a randomized, prospective, open-label, parallel group, controlled, multi-center trial among 850 clinically stable heart failure patients (in 2015-2020).

Project Objective: To apply telemedicine technologies to implement a novel model of home-based cardiac comprehensive rehabilitation in heart failure patients (NYHA I-III, LVEF≤40%) after a cardiovascular hospitalization incydent.

Procedure and technology

Modern prototype – the EHO-MINI LCD device enables cardiac telerehabilitation 

Patient zone

Exercise training

Eating healthy

Preventive examinations

Mental health 


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